Steven Vella is a registered Australian Sole Trader trading as Business On A Page Gateway.

From childhood Steven enjoyed learning to understand how electronic devices worked, how to use them effectively and then applying the knowledge and experience to get things done and help others in a friendly way.

Steven later started his consulting business to use his skills and talents as well as help others feel some fulfilment through helping them achieve meaningful work. The vision evolved after

  • reflecting on the words of John Paul II at World Youth Day 2000
  • seeing his future wife start a local business, and
  • reading, about the purpose of work in writings of the Catholic Church Social Teachings and other references.

Through further learning and experience Business On A Page Gateway works with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to

  • Visualise client ideas,
  • Plan what knowledge, experience and resources it can contribute to make the vision real and
  • then Act to implement the new reality.

To discuss whether our products and friendly services can assist you achieve your vision get in touch through our Contact Us page.