80070020 error code downloading WhatsApp from an 8.1 Windows phone Store

The question sounded straight-forward. “Would you install WhatsApp please?”

“Ok”, I thought to myself. “I can install WhatsApp on my desktop where I do most of my work.”

Then I thought, “Where do I get WhatsApp from?” I answered, “That’s easy, from Windows Store.” So, I opened Windows Store on my PC. Searched for WhatsApp and found it! I clicked the install button, answered the install prompts and voila! It started downloading and after a little wait, it installed.

When I started WhatsApp, I found the first surprise. “To use WhatsApp on your computer: 1. Open WhatsApp on your phone, 2. Tap Menu, or Settings and select WhatsApp Web, then 3. Point your phone to this screen to capture the code.”

Initially, I asked “Why would I need to use my phone if I installed WhatsApp on the PC?”, but I shrugged the question off because a few of my friends had mentioned using it lately and I thought the answer would probably make sense once I started using it.” So, logically, I then asked: “Ok, where do I get WhatsApp for my phone?” I answered. “That’s easy, from Windows Store.” I opened Windows Store on my phone. Searched for WhatsApp and found it! Clicked the install button. Answered the install prompts and voila!

The next surprise. “There has been a problem completing your request. Try again later. This error code may be helpful 80070020.”

Initially, I asked “What request? What was the problem?”, but then I shrugged off the questions because I thought I could find the answer on the Internet. So, I searched for a solution with Bing. Checked a few answers and found a work-around in the article Windows Phone 8.1 users are facing the Store error code 80070020

A pleasant surprise. As instructed in the article, I changed the date on the phone to 3rd December 2017 and WhatsApp Started downloading again.

Initially, I asked “Why did changing the date help?”, but then shrugged off the question because, I saw WhatsApp download, install and open ok. Then, as a bonus, WhatsApp prompted me to change the date setting to update automatically on the phone before I went any further. Then Voila! The date was updated and WhatsApp worked. I used WhatsApp to contact the friend who asked the ‘straight-forward’ question that started all this, and the rest is history.

As an after thought, I did wonder if installing WhatsApp on a Windows 10 phone would have avoided the surprises? “I must get a Windows 10 phone.” I thought. Sounded straight-forward, right? “Surprise!”

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