Businesses in an exciting, dynamic, and competitive environment partner with reliable, flexible and effective businesses which are capable of helping them meet the challenges unique to them, their market and industry. Doing so could make the difference between having a competitive edge providing a better customer experience or remaining behind the market leaders.

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Reliable technology-based solution provider focused on your business interests

      Keeping your interests on our list of things to do means, we not only troubleshoot during emergencies, but also plan in advance solving long-term difficult problems that might require new knowledge, novel thinking or innovative methods. For example, we can help evaluate the pros and cons of using in-house solutions and off-site alternatives as the National Broadband Network continues to rollout and as Cloud-based Technology providers address privacy concerns.

Flexible organisation that you can access and communicate with as often as circumstances demand

      We also understand that technology priorities have to compete for business resources and time, which vary with staff turnover, fluctuating sales, unexpected costs and so-on. As a result, when your priorities allow, we can meet to efficiently plan and discuss future needs, however when resources are stretched, we can utilise the phone and go online to use email, SMS, video conferencing and social media to keep work progressing.

Business effective in researching problems, providing advice and bringing resources together

      When we plan and design an effective technology solution, we know there can be a number of reasons why introducing technology may or may not succeed in a workplace. Do staff have relevant knowledge and experience using the technology? Do they know the reason for change and are they experienced with change? Has the technology been proven in a similar workplace? All these and more impact the final outcome when introducing new technology.

Businesses that subscribe to our services benefit from having a reliable, flexible and effective partner providing technology solutions within a planned and sustainable budget. The subscription model assists with cash flow spreading costs monthly rather than as an upfront lump-sum payment or at the end of an IT engagement. Costs are also minimised by planning large projects and maintenance work rather than just dealing with emergencies. Finally, time can be leveraged for business goals by using the technology-based knowledge, experience and skills of Business On A Page Gateway.

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