Cryptocurrency and blockchain what’s the fuss?

Some take for granted that there will always be change when it comes to information and communication technologies. In comparison, the regulated money market might seem a relatively more stable topic. So, for those starting to hear about it now, cryptocurrencies might come as a surprise.

With some new ideas experts and critics introduce new words into our everyday language requiring us to go through a new learning curve to know what they are about and discern what is relevant. Cryptocurrency, and its related blockchain, appears to be one of those new ideas. For example,

  • Some experts say that the new money, cryptocurrency, will thrive because it overcomes issues inherent with old money, such as the imbalance of wealth, power and corruption.
  • Some think virtual transactions are instantaneous, secure, and bypass current country and banking regulations. But critics might ask, are these ideals reality?
  • Some developers and marketers suggest that the blockchain technology, recording the virtual transactions, might disrupt business and social transactions in the near future. If so, what opportunities and threats do they pose to individuals and businesses who want to take advantage of them or avoid them?

Consequently, it is not easy to join the conversation straight away. As a result, some might ask, how can one come up to speed and join the discussion about cryptocurrency and blockchain quickly?

For those in Wagga Wagga, Business On A Page is sponsoring an event for the information of residents about cryptocurrency and more. It will be held in the Gallery room of the Mercure Wagga Wagga on Saturday 14th April 2018. Entry is free with 1-hour sessions being held throughout the day.

A single 1-hour session might prove, for some, to be the quickest way to get up to speed about cryptocurrencies and consequently to join this 21st Century discussion.

If you are interested in finding out more, click the image below and purchase your FREE ticket to come join us this Saturday. We look forward to seeing you there.

FREE 1-hour sessions: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and more...
Free information sessions: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and more…

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