We supply Small and Home Office (SOHO) businesses with apps to help transform creativity and information into meaningful messages that facilitate communication, marketing and productivity. We provide cloud solutions to get your website up and running so you won’t miss out connecting with prospective clients or serving current customers online. Tap into our support services so you can experience the satisfaction of having technology do what you want. Gain deep insight into technologies that can improve your business. Don’t put up with technology issues others find too difficult to solve. Bizonapage has the added advantage of people who love making technology work! We enjoy matching technology with business needs and take pride solving issues others won’t touch! Find out What we do, read our Client Testimonials and Contact Us right away.

Small and Home Office

21st Century small businesses rely on meaningful relationships with staff, customers, suppliers, other businesses and the public. Being professional, agile and flexible facilitates your business adapting to a rapidly changing environment. Meet the demands with Microsoft 365 products and websites technology.


Match customers and solutions with laser-like messages using meaningful documents and graphics. Connect with clients, suppliers and the public across email, social and website media. Leverage business grade software to create and manage communication.

Connect in-store or online

Meet staff, customers and suppliers where they are. Greet them onsite with shared business information at your finger tips. Distribute solutions from your website to people searching for your products and services online.

Projects and Budget

Manage people, resources, and outcomes. Unleash the power to manage projects, schedule tasks and submit timesheets cost effectively. Gain the benefits of using Microsoft Project essentials.

Technology Support

Choose how we support your business. Virtual solutions are available. Using Microsoft Teams to communicate, connect to your device and implement solutions under your observation. Alternatively, consider our onsite support solutions.