7-D Business Solution Template

Are you wasting time while solving another business-related problem?

Feel like your banging your head against a wall because you can’t lift the veil hiding the solution?

Well the 7-D Business Solution Template could be the tool to bring you closer to solving the problem.

In fact, it may not only show you one solution, the 7-D Business Solution Template could potentially reveal many solutions to solve your business-related problem.

The secret is that the 7-D Business Solution Template can help you perceive your business-related problem with seven different pairs of eyes without paying high consulting fees.

The 7-D Business Solution Template is a tool that can help you articulate business-related problems from seven different perspectives which potentially increases your chances of solving any problem!

Find your solution in three steps:

Name and describe the problem in your own words.

Describe the problem using 7 different lenses and

List tasks arising, their priorities and relevant dates.

It’s like having seven different consultants helping you! Seven specialist consultants looking at every problem your business is facing. Imagine what business would be like if you could identify your software bug with the insight of an IT consultant, or your customer’s perspective with a sales consultant.

Although your initial problem description may not reveal an important clue, detailing the problem in seven different ways, could identify root causes that were not otherwise identified.

Not only that, each different root cause could lead to more than one solution. Having all your options together could save time and money allowing you to prioritise and budget your solution in one step, instead of one at a time after each fix is implemented.

When you have defined your problem, and documented one or more ways to solve it, you don’t have to worry about losing the information because you can save what you’ve done and open it later.

The 7-D Business Solution Template can be used as many times as you want. Every time a new problem comes up, just open the 7-D Business Solution Template and start filling it in with the new details.

The 7-D Business Solution Template is not restricted to just seven perspectives. Once you start looking at problems in more than one way, you can try new ways looking at future problems that suit you in line with your industry or other experiences. Just add your new lens to the 7-D Business Solution Template and widen your tool set. Next time when you open the 7-D Business Solution Template you increase the chances of solving future issues faster.

What are you waiting for download the 7-d-business-solution-template now.

What will happen after you click the link?

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  • Open new documents with the template when documenting future problems.
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