The best time to seek IT advice.

Three particular issues, amongst others that came up last week, made me think about the best time to seek IT advice:

    A PC tablet was protected from the WannaCrypt ransomware,

Windows update on a laptop PC was fixed, and

Permission issues were resolved for a Windows Security error, x80070005.

Because these issues were not routine I found out about them while talking with clients.

The owners of the Window devices were experiencing issues that they could not fix and led them to wonder what was happening.

I heard that a computer virus was attacking different countries and my anti-virus software was saying it was out of date, so I renewed the subscription. But, I can’t get it to work.

I tried to install the updates before but the laptop still asks me to install more every time I shutdown.

My laptop is showing this error message every time it starts.

From what they said, it was obvious these clients were taking action based on what they knew and the information available to them.

Knowing they could take the initiative and act accordingly was encouraging , however, asking the right questions and having a broader experience fixing IT could have saved them time and expense.

Questions like:

Will the computer virus affect my PC tablet and is my computer safe from attack? Protect your PC from ransomware

Is something wrong with Windows Update and can it be fixed? Fail to repair corrupted Windows update database using DISM and SCFFix

What is error x80070005 and how do you fix it? Windows update Error 0x80070005 – Need a fix? Click here.

Although identifying problems and listing a solution beside them might seem straight-forward, the list above took some time to make because the solutions were amongst thousands of answers returned by various search engines.

In addition they needed to be evaluated against the specific situation and the fixes tried.

However, once identified, the fixes were straight forward to customise and implement accordingly.

Although, it may not suit every person, our subscription plan gave our clients freedom to contact us whatever stage they were at resolving an IT issue and, subsequently, getting a relatively quick solution.

If you would like to find out how our subscription service could help you get the right advice when you need it the most, Contact Us, we’d love to know your IT issue and help fix it.

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