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  • I have been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to engage Steven to help me sort out the IT-haze I was in when we worked through the setting up and maintaining my website. He is absolutely brilliant with researching the effectiveness of a website in the process of SEO!! I just cannot thank him enough for the great attention to detail, his level of commitment and personal drive; which in turn drives me to focus on making critical changes that positively impact my business!… Over and above this, his technical knowledge is sound and the advice he renders has been thoroughly researched; this is one of the reasons why I have the greatest confidence in his professional assessment of my business IT needs! So YES, I do recommend him in the highest order as he is by far one of the most sincere, highly ethical, qualified and knowledgeable IT professionals I have had the pleasure of working with!

  • Roel V

    I enjoyed the opportunity to work with Steven on a major project, and have found him to be punctual, friendly, forgiving, honest and reliable. One thing which I especially enjoyed is that whenever new information was required, it was already there, in detail, written and researched by Steven, ready for me to use. He also seems to truly care about his clients. Not just from a perspective of morality, but also in terms of not overcharging them, providing value for money etc. I had to remind him that he too needs a living 🙂

    Besides a good base set of technical knowledge, Steven also has a strong understanding of how businesses work. Finally, he has skills in marketing, good connections & ‘backoffice’ support, which help when it comes to making decisions, even if difficult ones.

    In my humble opinion, you cannot go wrong with choosing Steven & Business on a Page for an IT project if you want things to go right – not just technically and business wise, but in a highly moral way too!

  • David Zerbo

    Steven has recently been helping me with a less conventional IT problem, and his knowledge and understanding has made the whole process a great success! His ability to think outside the square was a great help, and his thorough research methods meant that I was able to carry on with running my business while he did all the background work. When it came time to implement the system he guided me through step by step, and when a problem arose he unerringly found a solution. I now have a working system that allows interstate collaboration on projects with a secure server – something that in the past was not possible for me without a huge ongoing cost. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Steven and for any future IT problems or requirements I will not hesitate to use him again. Thanks again Steven!

  • Louise Cardiff

    I am so grateful for Steven’s help. I had been working on a word document for work for over an hour when I closed it accidently without saving! I called Steven up and within a short time he helped me recover it! Earlier, he had recovered a 2000 word university essay for my husband which was due within hours. Steven has also helped us navigate our way through decisions about purchasing and setting up computer and phone related hardware and he also helped us set them up securely and in the best way for our needs. He does the background research to make our part easy. These days time is money, so Steven, thanks so much for your friendly, helpful, knowledgeable service. I will definitely continue to recommend you highly!

  • David Connell

    My computer problems took me a full day to try to resolve and at the end of the day …no success at all! I finally called on Steven for help and the next day he arrived and had the problem sorted out in half-an-hour.

    I have worked with Steven on projects for a not-for-profit organization and found his expertise to be quite exceptional.

    As someone who was a senior equity partner in Australia’s largest accounting firm for many years and a qualified, experienced strategist to professionals I have worked with a great many IT people over many years and Steven Vella stands out as the best I have seen. His ‘big picture’ understanding and grasp of issues is very valuable. Many IT Consultants are simply compliance people but Steven Vella with his remarkable credentials has the greater understanding and doesn’t just fix the immediate issue in front of you but can advise how to get real value from your computer and software.

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