Small Office and Home Office


Running a Small Office or Home Office (SOHO), or thinking about running one can be exciting as a step towards making your idea a reality.

Whether your idea, or SOHO, is based on an established business model, or a relatively unique and unexplored niche, getting started and at different stages of growth will benefit from different skills and resources

  • communicating with customers and those who can help your business,
  • budgeting income and expenses,
  • documentation to know what to do,
  • discipline and procedures to do what is needed,
  • balancing what already works with trying new ways to do things better, as well as
  • thinking outside the box and taking risks.

Consequently, the right foundation for any SOHO will depend on people, resources, location and situation. So, it is no wonder business come in many shapes and sizes and no one solution will fit all. However, some products and services are designed to be customised to suit many businesses.

Communication and collaboration

Amongst the many foundations SOHOs need to succeed, having an infrastructure to facilitate communication and collaboration without breaking the budget is an advantage.

Why? Because your business can continue to generate income and afford the necessary expense without being distracted changing ways to communicate and share information between staff, clients, end customers, suppliers, other businesses, government agencies and the public.

Here at Business On A Page Gateway (Bizonapage) we can assist SOHO owners that have a Microsoft 365 Personal or Home license plan to use the Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and other apps across many devices to benefit from the next level of licensing with Microsoft for your business.

Added value of licensed business Apps

SOHO owners that take advantage of Microsoft services through Bizonapage, will keep their favourite Microsoft Apps and gain the benefits of Microsoft Business-ready Apps for under $100 per user per year. In particular, a business ready Exchange email server and Sharepoint file server. These additional services provide business grade email and sharing files customised for staff, and external entities who interact with your business.

In terms of email, one noticeable benefit, could be the use of email addresses with your online business name (e.g. for SOHOs that use generic, or personal, email addresses (e.g.,,, etc). If you already have an business email address then you can keep using your current service or migrate to an Exchange server that many organisations rely on.

In terms of sharing files, communicating online and automating workflows, using Microsoft Teams, and Sharepoint will take advantage of a consistent interface and location.